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Real estate agents: Learn how to stand out in an overcrowded market and make more money than ever before. When you tune in to The Power of Real Estate show, you’ll feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose as host Michelle Moore packs all the information you could want, and more, into each 8-12 minute episode. With the market more competitive than ever before, you need the latest tips, tools, and insider secrets to survive the real estate business, and she’s got all that covered!
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Dec 31, 2019

People will tell you that the state of your garage doesn’t really matter when you go to sell your house. That’s a lie. The truth is that when people come to view your home, they want to see that things are taken care of and that even the garage has been kept up.  Every buyer has only one home that they are going to buy. If you want your home to be the one they choose, you need to make sure that your home is ready and as perfect as possible. A leaky faucet can cost you the deal, because it plants seeds of doubt. If this isn’t right, what else isn’t right that I can’t see? Confused minds say, “No.”

Dec 17, 2019

Michelle Moore offers the following three tips for a successful Facebook Page. First, Michelle urges us to “Be your authentic you.” She believes that people instinctively sense why you are being authentic and are attracted to it. Second, post once a day, whether early in the morning (around 6am) or in the evening (7 or 8 pm). This will encourage maximum engagement. Third, make your posts about other people. Don’t focus exclusively on yourself and your achievements.  

Dec 10, 2019

Amanda Baron of Synergy Realty Network (Brentwood, TN) visits Michelle to discuss her specialization: helping physicians purchase real estate. Amanda addresses three myths that confront physicians when they consider buying a home. First, physicians often feel (with good reason) that they don’t have enough time to look for a home. Second, physicians often say that they have nothing for a down payment because of educational debt and small entry-level salaries.  Third, physicians fear that their student loan debt is too high, making loan acquisition impossible. Luckily, Amanda explains how in each of these cases there are real answers available.

Dec 3, 2019

Beginners often try to take on too many social media platforms. Michelle Moore advocates an approach that chooses one platform, ideally suited to your target audience, and focuses on doing that one platform well. For those who want to excel on Instagram, Michelle offers three strategies. First, Michelle advocates a wise use of the 30 hashtags allowed by Instagram. Michelle suggests using as a tool to generate options. Then compare these options with what is trending. Second, prepare and save different groups of hashtags based on different types of posts you plan to make.  These different groups of hashtags will expose you to people you couldn’t reach otherwise and can lead to new followers. Third, Michelle says, “Don’t post and run!”  Post but be willing to interact with people on your posts.

Nov 19, 2019

Based on her interactions in her classes, Michelle Moore has seen that most real estate agents are not comfortable with social media. Few feel that they are maximizing these important tools for their business. In response, Michelle offers three strategies to help you grow your social media efforts. First, think about who you are inviting to your page? That is your audience, your market. How will you use social media to reach this market? Second, post on your page consistently. Third, think about WHAT you are posting. Entertainment, creativity, and transparency are essential to your connection with your audience.  

Nov 12, 2019

Michelle Moore asserts that real estate agents are supposed to be leaders and GOOD leaders are life-long learners. Therefore, who you hang out with, what you read and the podcasts you listen to really matter! It is crucial to feed your mind with good things that are beneficial to you and those you serve. You don’t know what you don’t know. Seek out people who have “been there and done that” to help get you where you want to go.

Nov 5, 2019

It is absolutely vital for a real estate agent to build trust with their client from their very first meeting. This trust becomes the basis of their working relationship. Author and business expert, Adonis Lenzy proposes that trust can be achieved in two important ways: 1) talk straight to your client — be transparent; and 2) be competent. Adonis expands on the latter of these points, explaining that you must show up when you said you would, deliver what you promised, and do what you said you would do. Failure to do these things erodes trust. Little things matter. 

Oct 29, 2019

Fhonda Hatmaker, eXp Realty Agent from Manchester, Tennessee, stops by to chat with Michelle about what it takes to be successful in selling real estate. Turns out, it isn’t rocket science! Fhonda’s methodology is both simple and personal. She begins with a personalized postcard that is predicated on how she met that person. Nothing is scripted! Then, she follows up with a phone call. Often this doesn’t lead to immediate business but rather plants the seed for a future business lead. When that lead does come, Fhonda is scrupulous to follow up, contacting the potential client immediately.  Lastly, Fhonda makes sure to circle back with the person who provided the lead with her heartfelt thanks. This sustains, continues and extends this relationship.

Oct 15, 2019

Everything starts with a conversation. According to author and business expert, Adonis Lenzy, this enables you to get a good read on your client. Are they computer literate? What are their past experiences with selling or buying real estate? What do they know about the process? Adonis advocates starting with getting to know the person… and only then looking at the property. With this in mind, Adonis offers three ways to anticipate the needs of your clients: 1) understand their personality; 2) present them with a checklist of things they will need to do; and 3) be a good buffer between your client and any potential buyers.  

Oct 8, 2019

Asking ourselves questions is an essential component of the self-evaluation process that helps our business evolve and achieve success. First, we must ask ourselves: What do I need to DO to succeed in my business? Put another way, we must ask: What does the work that leads to success look like on a day-to-day basis?  The second question is: What is the success strategy that I will put in place to get where I want to go?

Oct 1, 2019

Negativity breeds negativity. And what comes out of your mouth DOES matter. Michelle Moore discusses how if you focus on your thoughts and feelings of self-criticism, worry, and victimization, it is much easier for that way of thinking (and talking) to become habitual. Studies show that if you do something for twenty-one days in a row, it can become a habit. So what kind of habits do YOU want in your life? Michelle offers four tricks to avoid negativity: 1) show gratitude; 2) be aware of yourself; 3) start a new pattern; and 4) practice giving effort. 

Sep 24, 2019

Victoria Robinson of HGTV’s popular show, My House is Your House, joins Michelle Moore to discuss her secrets for staging short-term rentals. Her first tip: Don’t skimp on the mattresses (and bedding)! If your renter is uncomfortable and doesn’t get a good night’s sleep, they WILL write about it in their review. Her second tip is related: Use good quality towels! Lastly, her third tip: Have a framed picture that includes all the important rental property information such as the wi-fi password — and make sure this information is easily accessible. Victoria also notes that the property shouldn’t be cluttered but should feature well-chosen furniture and artwork. Less is more.

Sep 17, 2019

All too often people view real estate agents as “a dime a dozen.” To their mind, all real estate agents look the same. Author and business expert, Adonis Lenzy stresses the importance of finding your uniqueness, what is often called your “unique selling proposition.” Adonis provides three examples of behaviors that will set us apart: 1) consistently following up with our clients; 2) holding true to our integrity; and 3) being committed beyond on the sale.  

Sep 10, 2019

The number one question Michelle gets from real estate agents she teaches relates to how they should balance their faith with their work. They want to be true to their faith without coming across as pushy or offensive to others who might not share their beliefs. Michelle advocates boldness, following one’s inner promptings as to what to say and do. Gentleness, kindness, and peace are always acceptable.  One doesn’t need to beat someone over the head to make an impact. Remember: the best way you can glorify God is in the way you conduct yourself. Kindly and honestly take care of your clients and that will be an excellent witness.

Sep 3, 2019

Tonya Esquibel of Interlink Mortgage, a direct endorse lender hand servicing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA/ VA loans, explains how an agent can facilitate condo sales. This is accomplished by predetermining if the property meets Fannie/ Freddie/ FHA/ VA guidelines and including this in the MLS (seller) and making this compliance part of the offer (buyer).  In addition, Tonya stresses the helpfulness of the step into home ownership (a.k.a. the 2, 1 buy down) for easing new homeowners into their higher monthly payments.  

Aug 27, 2019

Chris Lowry, general manager for Burns Insurance Group, answers Michelle’s questions in this second of two interviews. Topics addressed include: the impact of a low credit score on rates, the impact of gender on car insurance rates for young drivers, the significance of the age of the roof on home owners insurance, and the relevance of the age of the home.

Aug 20, 2019

Chris Lowry, general manager for Burns Insurance Group, answers Michelle’s questions in this first of two interviews. Topics addressed include: the importance of a home’s proximity to fire hydrants and fire departments, and the impact of recent claims on rates.

Aug 13, 2019

Author Christy Neal outlines three important perspectives that can help you set aside self-defeating ways of thinking. First, she urges us to focus on the buyer or audience instead of ourselves.  Second, Christy reminds us that imperfection is utterly human and people relate to the imperfections we try so hard to hide. Third, we are all entrusted with gifts that have value and that can and will help others.

Aug 6, 2019

Real estate agent Kathy Carter explains the RCS-D (Real Estate Collaborative Specialist — Divorce) designation. This designation addresses issues surrounding divorce that impact the home (or homes) that was/ were purchased by the couple. In this second part of her discussion, Kathy offers two additional tips that especially pertain if one of the spouses intends to keep the house. First, the home should be refinanced immediately so that the leaving spouse is completely clear of the house and the remaining spouse knows without doubt if they can refinance on their own or not. Second, make sure that there is a home inspection on the house.

Jul 30, 2019

Real estate agent Kathy Carter explains the RCS-D (Real Estate Collaborative Specialist — Divorce) designation. This designation addresses issues surrounding divorce that impact the home (or homes) that was/ were purchased by the couple. In this first part of her discussion, Kathy explains the importance of having a title search done on the home(s) so as to catch any outstanding liens/ loans that may be in play but not on the client’s radar.

Jul 23, 2019

Anyone who has done any amount of sales knows that rejection is part of the game. Author Christy Neal puts it this way, “As sales people, we are in the business of rejection.” Christy begins by urging us to reframe our thinking, understanding that every “No” brings us closer to our “Yes.” Next, Christy explains that rejection creates both tough skin and a kind heart. Finally, she explains that, contrary to what we might expect, there is protection in rejection.

Jul 16, 2019

Amber Hurdle, author of The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave Female Entrepreneur, and branding expert, poses three key questions every entrepreneur must consider regarding personal branding. First, ask yourself: What problem you solve? Second, reflect on who you do this for specifically? And, third, think through how you solve the problem differently from your competition?

Jul 9, 2019

Real estate agents are self-employed. In order to be effective and successful, agents need to be able to lead themselves. It begins with being disciplined enough to be on time. Simply stated, do what you say you are going to do, when you say you will do it. Next, Michelle urges us to maintain a positive state of mind.  This filters out to those around you. Finally, be proactive. You are a leader for your clients, so have systems in place to guide them through the process.  

Jul 2, 2019

Title attorney Tish Baldwin relates a scary story for our benefit involving a title company that was taken by a hacker. An email account of a client who was in the process of closing was hacked. The title company had sent an email to this client in which they asked for wiring instructions so that the title company could send the proceeds from a closing. The title company did not follow the proper verification process and phony wiring instructions were sent by the hacker, causing the client to lose their money. Tish explains that thinking ahead can help us prevent possible problems.  The moral of the story? Processes and procedures have been put in place for a reason.

Jun 25, 2019

Author Christy Neal urges listeners not to be afraid to learn from their failures. She invites us to think through our business dealings by asking: 1) Did I have a process that they understood completely? 2) Did I listen to their “pain point” and make it clear that I have a solution? and 3) What can I learn from this experience?

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