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Real estate agents: Learn how to stand out in an overcrowded market and make more money than ever before. When you tune in to The Power of Real Estate show, you’ll feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose as host Michelle Moore packs all the information you could want, and more, into each 8-12 minute episode. With the market more competitive than ever before, you need the latest tips, tools, and insider secrets to survive the real estate business, and she’s got all that covered!
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Feb 25, 2020

Michelle shares five essential lessons she has learned over the course of her career in real estate. First, there is no magic bullet. You HAVE to do the work. Second, focus comes before success. Third, motion changes emotion. Fourth, the fortune is in the follow up. Fifth and finally, consistency is KEY.

Feb 18, 2020

Jimmy takes the reins (and the microphone) and offers three marketing suggestions based on his thirty years of experience in radio. First, commercials should have a threefold structure: 1) they grab the customer’s attention; 2) they create a need for your product; and 3) present a call to action. Second, Jimmy reminds us that we are surrounded by marketing. Pay attention to what you see. What cuts through the clutter for you? Those marketing pieces can help shape how you present your message. Third, have fun and don’t be afraid to be silly. People respond.

Feb 11, 2020

Many people don’t like to do open houses. However, the bottom line is that they work! Michelle offers an extended series of suggestions to make yours more effective. Here are a few: 1) Do a Facebook story video about 26 hours in advance; 2) give value or a reason to get people to sign in; 3) when people arrive make sure you have a pretty spread with food and drinks; 4) provide informational packets on the home with full color pictures and descriptions; 5) promote the event in advance with signage and through the MLS; and 6) follow up with those who signed up.

Feb 4, 2020

Michelle outlines the steps she took to sell a property that had been previously listed for three months without results! First, she confirmed that the house was priced correctly. Second, she got the “right” repairs done. Third, she hired a stager. Fourth, she had professional photography and videography done for the home. Fifth, she hosted and promoted open houses. Sixth, she was able to negotiate well with the buyer.