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Real estate agents: Learn how to stand out in an overcrowded market and make more money than ever before. When you tune in to The Power of Real Estate show, you’ll feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose as host Michelle Moore packs all the information you could want, and more, into each 8-12 minute episode. With the market more competitive than ever before, you need the latest tips, tools, and insider secrets to survive the real estate business, and she’s got all that covered!
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Apr 28, 2020

No one ever says, “O look dear, here’s a dumpy home. I’ve gotta go see it!” Statistics matter. 97% of homebuyers think that photos of a listing influence their initial opinion. 85% of homebuyers want to see listings with professional photos. 91% of homebuyers search the internet before going to visit a property. Seriously. With statistics like this, how can you doubt the important of great visuals for all of your listings?

Apr 21, 2020

Michelle wants to have a heart to heart with you about your marketing. She discusses four marketing trends you need to recognize and act on. First, video content get much greater visibility. Facebook Live. Facebook and Instagram stories. Use them. Second, interactive content is essential. Third, your audience wants access to you. Auto responder and chat bot apps and website plug-ins can help you respond to their questions and concerns. Fourth, authentic and personal branding help your audience feel connected to you personally.

Apr 14, 2020

Michelle, who herself has a business coach, discusses the value of coaching with her coaching client, Honora Bates. Both women agree that coaching helps with accountability, motivation, and the ability to process both success and failure. Coaching helps you analyze what works and what doesn’t and allows you to strategize about each business move. It can help you keep costs down by identifying things you can do with little or no money as well as help you think tactically about how to re-invest in your business when you do get paid. Coaches are important sounding boards who can help you think through your problems and come to your own insightful conclusions.

Apr 7, 2020

Michelle loves to add value for her listeners. To that end, she discusses two helpful tools for real estate agents. First, Michelle describes the phone app, Door Knocker Pal which makes it easy to organize information about potential clients you and your team encounter when you are out knocking on doors. Second, she explains the value of ForeKast which gives you a daily/weekly/monthly overview of events that are hashtag trending so that as you plan your social media posts you can use hashtags more effectively.