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Jun 16, 2020

Michelle stresses the importance of getting excited about what you are doing right now…not allowing yourself to focus on things that aren’t happening. She urges the practice of sitting down and listing twenty things that are going RIGHT in your business currently. There is a value to seeing that you are doing...

Jun 9, 2020

Robert Hatcher, Junk King, returns to chat with Michelle about situations that require the services Junk King can offer. Hatcher describes these scenarios: 1) if the house is empty but personal possessions remain; 2) a client who has already moved out of town and left items behind; and 3) downsizing clients.

Jun 2, 2020

“Marketing genius” Ron Hill ( returns to the podcast to discuss opt-in ideas that will help you expand your email list. First, offer a pdf guide or mini-book in your area of expertise. Second, do a video training or tutorial. Third, create a checklist. Fourth, create behind the scenes...